Хотел Палас


Located on an area of over 1400 square meters, the certified and completely renovated (in 2020) SPA center of hotel "Palace" is a unique place for beauty and health, rest and comfort, tranquility and relaxation. You will find yourself in an atmosphere of absolute harmony. The vast range of services in our SPA center is aimed at recovering your body’s energy, to make you feel relaxed and satisfied. With us you can find yourself in the past and move into the future! On the way you will be accompanied by our qualified team of professionals who will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

At your disposal is a Thermal area with 2 types of saunas, Steam bath and hammam, which have different humidity and temperature regimes, Jacuzzi, Solarium, Salt room, Relax zones, Fitness, Aqua zone with 2 pools, both with mineral water.

You will immerse yourself in a mysterious and magical world that can distract you from the everyday life, it will brush away all the stress accumulated in your everyday life and will heal your entire body.

Love yourself and take care of your health and your soul!


Рабочее время


Хамам е неразделна част от източната култура, малка част от турска приказка, в която ще се потопите. С ярък и необикновен дизайн, с традиции за лечение и релаксация, с ползване на натурална козметика и арома масла, философията на хамама е прочистването на тялото заедно с прочистването на духа.

Церемонията по посещението на хамама е редуване на суха и много влажна пара, смяна на температурния режим от освежаваща прохлада до мека топлина, изискани и фини аромати на есенциални арома масла и разбира се задължителният възстановителен масаж - от класически до турски масаж в сапунена пяна.Това е ново раждане на Вашата душа и сигурен път към здраво и красиво тяло.

Този рутуал има огромен лечебен ефект: лимфен дренаж, почистване на кожата, отстраняване на токсините чрез потта, подобряване на кръвообращението, облекчаване на напрежението и пълна релаксация на мускулите. Редовното посещение на хамам ще Ви позволи да укрепите и подобрите имунитета, да нормализирате метаболизма, да възстановите опорно-двигателния апарат и да облекчите умората.

Очакваме с нетърпение Вашето посещение.


Hot baths, saunas, steam baths – the SPA center is offering a variety of opportunities for relaxation and better health. The hot baths can get rid of toxins.

At your disposal are a Finnish sauna, a Herbal sauna and a Steam bath, which have different humidity and temperature regimes according to your preferences.

- The Finnish sauna is the classic type of sauna. It is made entirely of wood and is heated by a stove that contains stones. The benches inside are built so that they are closer to the ceiling, where the heat and steam are concentrated. The window is the preferred source of light combined with a beautiful view.

- The herbal sauna combines the benefits of aromatherapy with the advantages of the classic sauna. The steam is saturated with natural essential oils and medicinal herbs, providing a very mild effect on the body.

The therapeutic effect is achieved through general and local heating, steam inhalations of healing essential oils, which helps to speed up metabolism and eliminate toxins.

Steam Bath

The soft and warm steam gently envelops the body, opens the pores and cleanses the skin. The Roman steam bath affects positively not only the beauty but also the health. After only one visit you will feel a significant surge of strength and amazing lightness in your body.

Contrast pool

A small pool with a contrasting temperature is the perfect addition to the Vitality SPA thermal area.

Ice Fountain

Used for contrast procedures after the sauna and steam bath. The small ice cubes can be used to rub the body and face for cooling.

• relieves stress and anxiety;

• stimulates blood circulation;

• strengthens the immune system;

• gives an unprecedented surge of vitality after a visit to the bath or sauna.

Relax Zones

You can visit our unique zone of deep relaxation, which is designed to transport you in a dimension of absolute harmony and enjoy the magical SPA experience.

You can relax after each and every of our procedures in the Deep Relax Zone with comfortable beds.

Aquatonic pool

Heated pool with built-in sun loungers for aero or hydromassages and "geyser".

The water flow, combined with the air bubbles, prevents blood stasis, normalizes metabolic processes in the body, and has a tonic and stimulating effect on the muscle tissue and skin. The water air-flow of the "geyser" creates a soft and pleasant effect on the body, relieving muscular and nervous tension accumulated during the day, restoring the emotional and energy balance of the person.

Immerse yourself and feel the relaxation of the water massage!

Salt Room

Nature constantly tells us how to maintain our health, longevity and beauty. The benefits of the salt caves with a unique healing microclimate have long been known. Immerse yourself in the useful world of nature by visiting a natural salt room, which healing properties will give you a natural surge of energy.


Massages have been an integral part of the human way of life for millennia. This is one of the best ways to relax. The therapeutic effect on the skin and muscles relieve the tension and improve the well-being.

What massage have you chosen?

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Face and body therapies

Timely and proper skin care is a way to preserve your youth and beauty for as long as possible. Professional advice, individual treatment procedures, modern equipment, advanced technologies, safety, high efficiency, are just some of the many priorities in our work.

We have chosen the best cosmetics for you. The wide range of cosmetic products allows you to choose a therapeutic program for each skin type, age and individual characteristics. Our specialists will help you make the best choice for you and your body.

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For all the sport lovers and people with an active lifestyle.

With a beautiful sea view, our gym is modernly equipped and will ensure the necessary efficiency of every daily training regardless of the level.


The gentle heat of the solarium will give you an even tan in a short time thanks to the soft effect of the ultraviolet radiation.

Aqua Zone

Swimming will not only help you stay healthy and in excellent physical shape, but will also add positive emotions and make your appearance more attractive.

The aqua zone with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools with mineral water is the best place for you to do sports or relax and unwind.