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Facial Therapies
Highly effective therapies
"Made-to-measure" facial treatmentIndividually adapted therapy, according to the specific needs of the skin60 min.90 BGN
Cryo time freezeCryotherapy for a quick recovery and facial radiance60 min.120 BGN
Radiance expressExpress therapy for radiance and tone30 min.80 BGN
Miracle eyesAnti-age therapy restores the beauty of the look45 min.110 BGN
Marine Mineral PurifierPurifying therapy for detox and clarifying the complexion80 min.160 BGN
Haute Couture ExperienceLuxury anti-ageing therapy for face, neck and eye contour90 min.220 BGN
Precious Pearl Ultra LiftExclusive lifting therapy with long-lasting effect90 min.300 BGN
Ultimate Firming & Lifting Gold FacialInnovative anti-age therapy for elastic and healthy skin90 min.180 BGN
Organic Therapies
Intensive hydration therapyMoisturizing and nourishing therapy60 min.70 BGN
Anti-age therapy with LaminariaDetox and anti-age care with algae Laminaria70 min.120 BGN
Eye contour therapy with LaminariaDrainage therapy for the eye contour with compresses of algae Laminaria45 min.80 BGN
Deluxe therapy with LaminariaAnti-age therapy with a back massage90 min.140 BGN
Base therapies
Organic touchCombining exfoliation and personalized massage of the face, neck and décolleté35 min.40 BGN
Healthy skinClassic facial cleansing55 min.50 BGN

Body therapies
Luxury therapies
White sand scrubExfoliate the whole body with a luxurious pearl scrub35 min.80 BGN
Cocooning scrub and massage ritualIncludes exfoliation with a luxurious pearl scrub and personalized full body massage90 min.140 BGN
Deep moisture body cocooningSkin cleansing and moisturizing therapy, including scrub, body treatment with a deeply hydrating mask, scalp massage55 min.110 BGN
"After sun" skin saviorFor any skin need of intensive recovery after sun exposure. Includes deep moisturizing and soothing mask for face and whole body, scalp massage40 min.80 BGN
Anti-stress back remedyIdeal therapy after strenuous physical work or active sports. Includes self-heating sea mud and back or full body massage60/90 min.100/140 BGN
Cryo-lipolysisAnti-cellulite therapy60 min.90 BGN
Hammam ritual for health and beautyAn exclusive ritual to restore the tone and youth of the skin, to fully restore the body and senses. Includes exfoliation and body ripping with a rejuvenating mask in a hammam, a break with a cup of aromatic tea, full body massage120 min.210 BGN
Organic therapies
Purifying ritualOrganic ritual for clean and well-nourished skin, to restore metabolic processes and body health. Includes exfoliation, detoxifying mask, scalp massage and full body massage100 min.130 BGN
Bath with natural wild algaeTherapy to improve metabolic processes in the body and to promote a good night sleep. Available in a package of 3 procedures45 min.125 BGN
Anti-cellulite therapy with LaminariaUses the natural draining power of Laminaria algae in combination with specific massage techniques. Available in a package of 3 procedures60 min.130 BGN
Immune protectionAn ancient treatment using the healing power of the seaweed Laminaria. Includes dry brushing and exfoliation of the whole body, scalp massage and full body massage. Available in a package of 3 procedures105 min.280 BGN
"Voyager" massageSignature massage for body and face90 min.120 BGN
Foam massageClassic cleansing massage with natural foam45 min.70 BGN
Muscle recoveryRestorative back and scalp massage, including application with analgesic organic gel with arnica and ginger30/60 min.60/90 BGN
Personalized massageBody massage including individually selected techniques and a combination of natural oils30/60/90 min.50/80/120 BGN